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Empty variable checker for Web Analytics Tools

As a web developer, I know how frustrating it is to get an undefined or NULL error in the browser’s javascript console when testing your web analytics variables. This blog posting will provide you with a javascript function that you

Comparison Operators within SQL

Continuing with the helpful SQL postings, I will dive into comparison operators today.  Comparison operators compare values and return one (1) if the comparison returns a true or zero (0) if its false. 

Arithmetic Operators in SQL

Are you looking to perform basic arithmetic operators on two values within SQL but are unfamiliar with how to set this up or what to leverage? This blog posting will provide you the operators and what their specific function is.

Optimize Table via SQL

Sometimes, in the process of creating tables within SQL, you can have a lot of unused and wasted space that you wish you could remove so that the table can be more optimal. This blog posting will describe how you

Inserting Data into a Table Using SQL

Inserting data into a table via SQL can be done via the insert functionality within SQL. This blog will explain two different methods for leveraging this. 

Scraping Website Data via PHP

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to retrieve information from a website or webpage but it wasn’t readily accessible through either web service APIs or data feeds (as the data we are looking to pull in

Displaying Twitter Friend Statuses via PHP

Have you wanted to display the last status of our friends but don’t know how to go about doing that within PHP or leveraging Twitter’s API? This blog posting will provide the necessary logic to provide this visibility that you

Opening a Text File as a Workbook in Excel using VBA

Opening a text file within excel is a simple and straight forward operation that can be performed using the OpenText method of the Workbooks collection. By leveraging this method, Excel opens the text file as a single worksheet within a

Leveraging getQueryParam plugin within PHP with Adobe Analytics

Not every option that is available to you with the JS AppMeasurement library is available in the PHP library. This blog posting will describe how we can port that functionality over to PHP to take advantage of the plugin for

Creating and Launching VBA Subroutines within Microsoft Excel

You can easily create and launch subroutines within the VB editor. Each macro that runs within Microsoft Excel is really a subroutine that contains specific blocks of VBA code.