Category: Maxymiser

Simulating Attribute Value Rules in Maxymiser

Performing QA/QC testing on your Maxymiser content targeted campaigns is important in providing that warm and fuzzy feeling prior to launching the campaign into the wild. This can be done, via Maxymiser, by simulate the rule attribute values used within

Setting up JavaScript Redirect Campaigns in Maxymiser

Redirecting campaigns, within Maxymiser, allow you to very easily A/B test pages by redirecting visitors from the control to the variation (via URLs). Setting this up via JavaScript is a cinch and I will explain how you can go about

Integrating Maxymiser and Adobe Analytics

Are you leveraging Maxymiser and Adobe Analytics? Would you like to get both of those systems to speak to each other so that you can see the complete picture between Maxymiser campaign information and Adobe Analytics site specific data points?