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Am I Wasting Marketing Dollars on Campaigns that are Unsuccessful?

Am I wasting money on campaigns that bounce or immediately leave my site without taking the necessary action/interaction beforehand? Is my site only attracting visitors that only view a single page and then leave (costing me more money to potentially reacquire

Tracking Print Intent Within Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager

Tracking print functionality, that is if a user clicks on print or utilizes print on your site, can have huge impacts on how you structure your overall site. This blog posting will describe the necessary steps to get this in

What are the Necessary Ingredients of a Dashboard?

The fact of the matter is that reporting and being able to develop reports that can be presented up and down the ladder is a critical component to a web analyst repertoire. However, many have no idea how to shape

What is Bounce Rate and Does it Really Matter to Me?

Bounce rate, as defined, is the rate at which users consume one page on your website and then immediately leave after (without clicking or navigating deeper into the site). For many, this is a closely watched metric that if it

Is Time Spent a Useful Metric to Optimize For?

Understanding how long a user stays on your site or on your particular page can be a proxy to see how engaging the material is for end users (from attracting to retaining).  The idea is the longer that those users